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This Aojiru (green juice) was developed in a university laboratory, by the accumulated research for people who wish to maintain health and beauty, or must deal with fatigue and stress.

Fatigue and stress in daily life can even damage inside the body. As days when insufficient sleep continue, don't you find it more difficult to maintain good health? The nutrition needed to maintain health and beauty is packed into "ハマダの青汁 MB." Your body is refreshed into activity from the inside out, to a greater extent than that by conventional aojiru. Our ingredients are carefully selected and reliable blended. Continued use is simple, and nutrition can be easily supplied, in order to promote a healthier body from the inside and maintain health.
Vegetables ingredients include green barley, Angelica keiskei, and 長命草 naturally grown in Okinawa prefecture, supply calcium. 100 billion lactic acid bacteria are also added to adjust the intestinal environment by their activity.
It is very important to keep taking this health food every day. Available in an easy-to-use stick type. Just dissolve one package in water each day. Persons who live busy daily lives, who do not have time to slowly eat a meal, or do not obtain enough vitamins, can easily and regularly receive nutrition.
Aojiru is often thought to taste bitter and are difficult to drink. However, "ハマダの青汁MB" has less bitterness and a gentle taste like green tea. Also recommended for children who do not like vegetables.
So all people, including those with a busy everyday life or are concerned about their body health, can remain healthy!

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ハマダの青汁 MB (3 g × 30 packets)  


【ハマダの青汁 MB Total Ingredients】
Green barley powder, Angelica keiskei powder, kale powder, Botan Bofu (長命草) powder, green tea powder, fructo-oligosaccharide, cluster coenzyme Q10, lactobacillus powder (includes milk components), cyclic oligosaccharide, trehalose, and pullulan.

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