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Although Vitamin C is well known to be beneficial for beauty and health, it easily deteriorates when exposed to heat or oxygen. As a result, it is unexpectedly difficult to take Vitamin C in its natural form.
A technique to package Vitamin C, in a form that does not easily break down and can be easily ingested, was applied for this product. We sought to create a product that could deliver vitamin C in its natural form in order to support beauty and health from inside the body.
In addition to Vitamin C, mikan orange peel powder (from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture) containing vitamin P is included.
Mikan peel contains an abundant amount of hesperidin as well as many nutritional components to maintain health.
This product tastes like fresh tangerines. In addition, other ingredients which have gained attention are pterostilbene and goldenberry powder.
Our stable Vitamin C contains many components which are good for the body!
"Mican", mascot of Ehime Prefecture, is the logo on this product's package.
Experience the benefits of our stable Vitamin C and highly nutritious mikan peel cultivated under the warmth of sunshine and cool sea breeze in Setouchi.

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グルコシドビタミンC (2 g × 30 packets)


【グルコシドビタミンC Total Ingredients】
Erythritol, golden berry powder (dextrin, golden berry), lactic acid bacilli containing zinc, mikan peel, vegetable oil with Vitamin E, banana extract, indian kino tree extract, non-calcinated coral calcium, Vitamin C, citric acid, cyclic oligosaccharide, glycine, hydroxypropylcellulose, sweetener (stevia), enzyme treated hesperidin, flavoring, modified starch, Vitamin B6, microcrystalline cellulose, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, silica (including partial banana, milk).

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