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Does your irregular lifestyle disrupt your natural body clock and your rhythm of life? Do your organs and cells overwork due to excessive drinking and eating?

Various things in this generation cause stress.
This causes many people who not only like alcohol and good food, but also are under a lot of stress, to eat and drink too much, with bad results the next day.

We have good news for such people. Introducing the supplement, "ハマダウコン".
In addition to three types of ukon (turmeric), the main ingredient, black pepper extract powder and coenzyme Q10 are included to increase absorbability. This supplement activates weakened organs and cells to maintain a good physical condition.
This product is also recommended to persons concerned about calories as a metabolic measure and diet.

Recommended for persons who love alcohol but do not want a hangover the next day.

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ハマダウコン (6 tablets × 6 packets) 


【ハマダウコン Total Ingredients】
Autumn turmeric powder, turmeric powder, whey (milk-derived) calcium, spring turmeric powder, purple turmeric powder, oyster meat extract powder, starch syrup of reduced malt sugar, black pepper extract, crystalline cellulose, cyclic oligosaccharide, calcium stearate, HPC, silicon dioxide particles.

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