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Skin is an organ which easily shows the effects of aging. Wrinkles increase, skin sags and loses radiance, smoothness and elasticity. Texture becomes rough, and pigmentation (stains) increase. These signs are the result of a decrease in antioxidant potency. "Active oxygen" oxidizes the skin, causing damage.

In 2005, Dr. Hamada of the Laboratory of Food Preventative Medicine, Okayama University of Science (company CTO) first noticed "Coenzime Q10", a natural antioxidant, and "Botan Bofu leaf extract (Peucedanum japonicum)" demonstrated strong antioxidant potency. Botan Bofu extract is taken from the Botan Bofu plant, and is highly valued as a health food. Dr. Hamada blended these two ingredients and produced "ナノサクナQ10リンクルケアシリーズ," anti-aging cosmetics. These have been recently reborn as "サクナQ10リンクルケアシリーズ" with increased cell oxidation control, detoxification effect, increased blood circulation, acne prevention by promoting anti-inflammatory efficacy, as well as whitening, moisturizing and moisture retention effects.

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サクナQ10 ローション 120ml

This lotion contains ingredients which have never been used in Japan, offering a whitening effect by controlling melanin formation, as well as a detoxification effect by promoting metabolism of deteriorated proteins in skin cells.

【サクナQ10 ローションTotal Ingredients】
Water, glycerin, trehalose, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, BG, Botan Bofu leaf extract, chlorella extract, plankton extract, hydrolyzed algin, hydrolyzed collagen, orange flower extract, ferulic acid arginine, ubiquinone, dextrin, sea water, PEG-20 sorbitan cocoate, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, carbomer, sodium carbonate.

サクナQ10 エッセンス 30ml

This extract can maintain moisture on the skin surface and inside the skin cells by blending general hyaluronate sodium and low-molecular hyaluronic acid for an extremely high moisture effect.

【サクナQ10 エッセンス Total Ingredients】
Water, glycerin, betaine, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, BG, (ascorbyl / tocoferil) kalium phosphate, hyaluronate sodium, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, Botan Bofu leaf extract, orange flower extract, ubiquinone, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, dextrin, polysorbate 20, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, xanthan gum.

サクナQ10 クリーム 40g

This cream contains ingredients never before used in Japan, and is effective for skin moisturizing, wrinkle improvement and elasticity, formation of smooth skin by adjusting moisture, ion concentration and osmotic pressure, and promotes a high antioxidant / protection system. Moreover, high anti-inflammatory efficacy, by protecting skin cells from active oxygen caused stress such as UV light exposure, and helps retain moisture. You will notice a change in skin smoothness, elasticity, and cell moisture.

【サクナQ10 クリーム Total Ingredients】
Water, squalene, glycerin, betaine, cyclomethicone, trehalose, BG, dimethicone, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, eryngium maritimum callus culture filtrate, Botan Bofu leaf extract, ubiquinone, algae extract, yeast extract, orange flower extract, urea, glucosamine HCL, PEG-20 sorbitan cocoate, (dimethicone / vinyl dimethicone) cross polymer, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, dextrin, carbomer, sodium carbonate.

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