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I have been studying preventive medicine for nearly 30 years, utilizing food, ingredients, and natural active components. Through my research, I have discovered useful components from various materials and have identified their functions. This has led to the creation of completely new supplements and further discovery of components and materials that are effective for maintaining health.
I always feel that every person should take advantage of the functions of active components to build a disease-resistant body and be healthy and young as long as possible.
In my earnest research, I hope to contribute to various industries and the local society by making practical application of those functioning components.
Therefore, it would be my great pleasure if my research can benefit you in your disease prevention, health, and vitality.
Hiroki Hamada

Profile of Professor Hiroki Hamada

  • Hiroki HamadaHiroki Hamada
    Born in 1952.
  • Completed graduate school of sciences, Hiroshima University. Doctorate in Science.

After serving as a lecturer of the Department of Applied Science, Faculty of Science, Okayama University of Science, Dr. Hamada continued his research at the Biochemical Department of University of Oklahoma, U.S.A. and then served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Biochemical Department of Texas A&M University, U.S.A.
With a number of achievements in study of medicine and food, he was appointed as Head of the Department of Life Science, Okayama University of Science in April 2004.
Since then, Dr. Hamada has pursued the development of functional foods that are effective in preventive medicine and anti-aging, and verification of food-medicine correlation. He has widely collaborated with members in various fields such as medical science, pharmacy, agricultural science and nutritional science.
February 28, 2017 Visited Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Principal Research Subjects and Achievements

  • Awarded University-originated Venture Award for the study 'Development and application of functional food materials – Clathration and Glycosidation'
  • 2010 Awarded Uchiyama Yuzo Science Technology Award
  • 2011 Received a letter of appreciation from Okinawa Health and Industry Council
  • 2011 Awarded the Technology Award of Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Presented a study on the 'Usefulness of Fucoidan' at the Annual Meeting of Japanese Cancer Association
  • Research and development of water soluble Taxol, the world's first anti-cancer agent with no side effect.
  • New material: Developed Cluster Dextrin Clathrate CoQ10
  • Pungency of red pepper: In the research of Capsaicin, successfully developed a composition of 'Capsaicin Glycoside' with less pungency
  • Polyphenol: Research of 'Le Resveratrol' (Okayama specialty, Pione, focusing on the skin)
  • 2008 Industry-academia-government collaboration, 'Le Resveratrol Project'
  • 2010 Industry-academia-government collaboration, 'Le Resveratrol Project'
  • Multiple discourses at the general meeting of Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, etc.
  • 158 published articles