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Utilizing food/ingredients and natural
active ingredients
We are developing products that utilize research in preventive medicine.

We have been conducting research on preventive medicine using foods, ingredients, and natural active ingredients. We identify active ingredients from a wide variety of materials, clarify their functionality, and develop products that utilize the results of our research to help prevent disease and maintain health and youthfulness.

◎ We accept OEM orders for health foods, cosmetics, etc.
◎ We accept clinical data and measurements of raw materials, ingredients, etc.




Professor Emeritus Hamada (CEO of our company) of the Department of Clinical Life Sciences, Okayama University of Science, focused on the fact that resveratrol is contained in the extract extracted from "pione skin", and with the aim of effectively using pione skin, he developed a method to oxidize cells. We have developed "drinkable cosmetics" for the purpose of beauty and health through control. That is "Resveratrol".

Sakuna Q10

Sakuna Q10

We were among the first to focus on the natural antioxidant "Coenzyme Q10" and the strong antioxidant "Botanbofu leaf extract" extracted from Botanbofu, which is prized as a health food, and created the anti-aging cosmetic "Nano Sakuna Q10 Wrinkle" which contains these ingredients. In 2008, it was reborn as the ``Sakuna Q10 Wrinkle Care Series,'' which suppresses cell oxidation, detoxifies cells, promotes blood circulation, prevents acne through anti-inflammatory effects, and has enhanced whitening and moisturizing effects. I did.

We are also developing many other products.

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